Steve McCabe MP meets with constituent to discuss Royal Mail privatisation

Steve McCabe has met with constituent Paul Mahoney to discuss the proposed privatisation of the Royal Mail.

Mr Mahoney, a local constituent and Branch Chairman of the CWU Birmingham District Branch, discussed concerns about loss of jobs, a deterioration in service for customers and a loss of the universal delivery commitment and six day delivery.

Steve McCabe MP has put down written parliamentary questions for Government Ministers following the meeting about the guarantees made by the Government and also about the reported pay and benefits rise of the Royal Mail Chief Executive which is reported to have been 40% for 2012/13.

Steve McCabe MP said: “Most countries envy our Royal Mail and postal services yet the government seems intent on smashing them and won’t even listen to constructive alternatives.

“There seems no shortage of money for those at the top but just more of the usual misery for ordinary workers in Royal Mail.”

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