Steve McCabe MP speaks out against the Gagging Bill but the Government won’t listen

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Steve McCabe MP challenged the Conservative-led Government over the damaging effect the Lobbying Bill will have on charities and campaign groups. Watch the video to see Steve in Parliament.


Steve McCabe has been overwhelmed by constituents contacting him to express their opposition to the Bill. Local campaigners even braved the cold to meet with Steve just days before Christmas to present Steve with a petition containing 190,553 signatures of people who feel aggrieved about the government’s plans.


Critics are furious about the government’s determination to press ahead with the Coalition’s Lobbying Bill which will have minimal impact on commercial lobbyists who work for major corporations and big business but will have the effect of severely impeding the activities of small charities and other lobbying and campaign groups.


Steve McCabe said:


“This is an appalling piece of legislation. The Prime Minister promised that he was going to tackle the risk of a lobbying scandal and instead he has let commercial lobbyists off scot free but seems determined to gag trade unions and small charities. This is the kind of thing that will stop people lobbying politicians about children’s hospices, cycle lanes or tuition fees.

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