The War Memorials Trust and the SmartWater Foundation have teamed up to locate and protect thousands of war memorials across the United Kingdom.
The effort centres on SmartWater; a unique marker which can help trace items should they fall foul to theft. It is also a highly durable material, which can withstand high temperatures should an effort be made to melt down stolen metals. Memorium 2014 aims to use SmartWater, generously provided free of charge, in a bid to protect our nation’s memorials from theft or damage.
Steve has been contacted by many of his constituents who are angry at the Government for cutting the funding for concessionary travel, which will end on 31 October 2011.

GDP Growth also slowed to 0.1% revised down from 0.2%. Household expenditure makes up about 60% of the UK GDP.


Steve said:“These figures demonstrate the need for the Government to re-think their economic policy.


“While they are telling us to wait it out, thousands of families across my constituency are being pinched by the rise in the cost of living and the failure of the economy to grow in nine months.


Earlier today (4th October) almost 400 health care experts and professionals wrote to members of the House of Lords urging them to reject the changes. They believe the reforms will cause “irreparable harm” to the NHS, patients and society and will put patient care and safety at risk. They also believe it will lead to a more fragmented service.



Topics under discussion included changes to the NHS, unemployment, police cuts and various local concerns.


The changes would involve a project to identify the ‘right’ partners at a cost of upwards of £2millon between now and December 2012. Meanwhile the police will see the loss of 2,200 jobs over the next four years – officers with over 30 years service have already been made redundant and compulsory redundancies of other police staff will start shortly.


Whilst there, Steve spoke to prospective members and supporters about his work on the Home Affairs Committee and in the Selly Oak area. BULS regularly pounds the pavement to help local MPs and Councillors ensure a win for Labour in Birmingham, campaigning particularly tirelessly in the constituencies of Edgbaston and Selly Oak.

Steve had asked his constituents where the money should go and it was decided that Steve would donate £213 to each of these fantastic charities that do a wonderful job supporting their local communities.


Steve said:"I asked my constituents who this money should be donated to and they chose two very worthy causes.I’m very grateful to the anonymous donor.


Both of these organisations do great work and this money will make a huge difference to two brilliant local charities."

 Steve is delighted to announce that his friend Kevin Maguire, Associate Editor of the Mirror, broadcaster and  political commentator is paying a visit to his constituency to take part in a Question and Answer  event at 8pm<

Steve said: "since I was last in touch with you a lot has happened both in Westminster and in the constituency.   

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